Read Johnny’s Book!

 BookCoverAward Winning Father and Son Insurance Protection Team, family owned and operated by John and Jonathan Obstarczyk, will send you their Critically Acclaimed book of “Insider Secrets” for FREE!


INSIDE YOU WILL DISCOVER: How John and Jonathan increase their bottom line by 200% by implementing simple and easy techniques that every business owner should by doing daily!

  • Goal Setting is Essential.
  • Need More Clients.
  • Your Client List is the Heart and Soul.
  • Build your base with a Referral Contest. Referrals are the #1 way to gain new clients in any business!
  • Take care of your client list and keep a list of Past, Present and Potential Clients.
  • Protect your Assets.
  • The Power of Hand Written Thank You Notes.
  • Even though you are a business owner you protect your personal ASSETS first.
  • Taking time to write a quick note by hand will have a much larger impact than an email or any other form of communication.
  • The Big Kahuna: General Liability Insurance.
  • Every Business has its own unique dynamics and you want to know where the” Sharks” are before they swim up and bite you.